Sunday, March 22, 2009

They're Driving with the Tops Down

Welll Kids, it's been a week now since little miss austin left me which means I'm back to missing people as she temporarily distracted me! I'm STILL recuperating from our week of non-stop action but I'm so thankful she came to visit. Now I have to work on the rest of you!

The weather here has been literally shocking. I've needed my sunglasses for the past week and I haven't had to wear a jacket! I think the city's mood really picks up when there is sun because the parks are filled with picknic-ing people and some have even been sunbathing on our roof! (It really isn't that warm but to each it's own I suppose)

Mother's Day in the UK is celebrated today, March 22 and I was supposed to go home for both of the dates but my mom refuses to let me come home as both her annd Rodney are both sick. Get Well Sooon! Which also gives me another month to keep adding on to the present :)

So in other news, I am now done with Week 1 of body detox! I only drink water. Instead of having chips/fries (crisps/chips) for a snack I have fruits & veggies. And I haven't been eating any red meat. Whenever I tell people about my little detox plan they think I'm crazy for being on any kind of diet but this has nothing to do with losing weight at all! My favorite foods are steaks, burgers and fries with a lot of salt and vinegar. Basically I can just feel my arteries clogging up with all of the grease and junk food I eat and I fear what the inside of my body looks like from what I put in my mouth!!You know that saying a skinny person can be just as unhealthy as a bigger person?? Well I guess thats not really a saying but its SO true! So I'm doing this for 2 weeks hoping that these healthy actions will stay in place long after.

Come be healthy with mee <3

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Mrs. Miles said...

Good luck on getting healthy! I think everyone in America needs to do that. There is just way too much fast food! One of my friends eats at a fast food place at least 3 times a week. Tell your mom and Rodney I hope they feel better! Miss you!