Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My poor little blog, who left you alone like this?

Hello anyone that is still mildly entertained by my life! (Count me out) I'd like to put a really good excuse here as to why I've been MIA but I don't have one. So I'll get to the point--

My second semester here started 3 weeks ago. I actually adore my classes this time around! Any life without finance is a good life. I'm taking Planning & Mgmt. of Events, Marketing, Events Law and Org&Mgmt. Now that I'm used to the way things work around here I feel really good about these classes and I've made a lot more friends in my classes even though my teachers or "tutors" still call me the American, when clearly, I have a name. My grades from 1st semester won't be in until March 6th, I've only gotten one and that a C. I'm not sure how I feel about that, I hate getting anything less than an A really. (so I'm working on getting that C up a bit :)

London has been so good lately because its been 50 degrees for the past 2 weeks! I'm not usually so ecstatic about this, but as long as it's not the 20degrees it has been for the past months, I'm satisfied. The days are still short, it gets dark by 4pm and the temp does go down to the 30's at night. So what I'm getting is this part of England has a short but extremely harsh winter. It snowed once (as opposed to never) and people were freaking out over like the 3 inches.

My sister from another mister is coming in 10 days for her spring break!! I'll pretty much be jumping off the walls until then, I'm having a very hard time just sitting still now. And we're meeting up w. another Mason'er who is here studying abroad. We have sooo much planned it's gonna be a jam packed week!

Anyways, right now I'm consuming my life with thinking about my future. And by future I mean tomorrow, because every day I wake up with a new intention. And alsoooooooo I'm trying to transfer back to Mason for my last year!! At the moment it's not looking good, but I'm working really hard on it.

When I talk to people out here I just cringe because I can hear the British accent coming out of my mouth without even asking me! and I've learned tons of new slang--

"He was looking well fit" - He's really cute/hot
"Swear down!" - I swear!
"Bruv" - Brother
"weather's nice innit??" - isn't it/aint it?
"thats mug" - It's bad
"Bum" - I think this is describing something as good
"fanny" -Thats a females place lol

I should do a weekly dictionary, UK edition lol
Since one of the girls I'm closest to is from Bermuda I've learned a tonn of Island words haha You can hear me on the regular saying moncha, shocka, yeahh buh, and all sorts or thingss. I went to a Carribean comedy show and there was one woman there who talked for 30 minutes and the only word i understood was "ting" I realllyy couldn't tell you anyting else shes said! hahaha

This will be a GREAT semester. Austin in a week. Spring Break/Greece 3 weeks after that. and 5 weeks after that HOME to my friends, rk, family, beach and MacArthur.

OH and thanks to Chris Brown- everyone thinks I come from a state of women beaters.
(hes from tappahannock)


Robert said...

Yeah blog!

Mrs. Miles said...

Yay! You finally posted a blog! I think you should do this more often because like everyone else...i think your life is way more exciting than mine. I turned 21 and I feel like an old housewife...haha. I am glad your friend is coming to visit you!! It will be nice to see her. Keep in touch :)

Swills said...

It is about time you updated! I'm so glad to hear you like your classes now. I knew England would grow on you eventually. That American thing annoys me too. My uncles still call me "American Girl" as a joke, except it's NOT funny. I'm extremely jealous that Austin is going to see you. I wish to God I wasn't still poor cause I'd be there in a heartbeat. I finally got my passport, so that's not even the holdup anymore!

I'm imagining you saying these British words and it's cracking me up. I actually knew some of these! Nicole and Janice use British slang all the time. You should definitely do the dictionary thing. YOU'RE GOING TO GREECE FOR SPRING BREAK? Yep. If I could turn green with envy, I would.

I cannot wait until you're back in the States. ILUIMU <3

AB said...

Rob&Jam haha yuup finally posted :)
Relly- omg that story of your uncles! LOL and I really wish you were here too :/ In other news- I'll be home longer than a month! yayy MISS YOU & LOVE YOU